Day Nineteen of Three Hundred and Sixty Five

April 11, 2012

Here's what I did today that I've never done before:

(No video currently available. Sorry!)

This blog right here is a demonstration of the power of "The Secret" or "putting it out there to the universe" or whatever. I wrote on day one of this experiment that one of the things I've never done before is speak on television. Today, I marked that off of my list. Literally.

I've been on National TV a few times. I was in the crowd on The Today Show back in 1998. I was on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. I've been on The Ellen DeGeneres Show a few times here and there, not featured.

Tuesday I was asked to be a fake contestant on the Ellen Show. My character's name was Safia Duran from Clarksville, TN and I was a 7th grade English teacher. That was a shout-out to the hometown and my favorite teachers in school, both English, Hazen and Ufflemania.

Because of this experiment of doing something new everyday, and because I had never talked on TV before, I said yes. My initial response was a big fat "NO", but I was asked again and I acquiesced because what would one time hurt?

Look at that. This experiment thing is really working.

Day Ten of Three Hundred and Sixty Five

April 2, 2012

It's my first day back to work after a week-long Spring Break in Boston, and already this doing something new thing is starting to get challenging. It's kind of hard to find something new to do at work when you have to work, and that work is something you've done 140 times (literally) before. I'm a creative person, so I figured it out.

Here's what I did today that I've never done before*:


I always see folks riding their bikes to-and-fro around the lot either leisurely or on an errand, and I've never had a reason or the time to do that myself. I haven't ridden a bike in probably 5 years, and I didn't have a helmet, and I'm deathly afraid of brain contusions even when doing simple things (hello, Natasha Richardson! RIP).

But I nutted up, made the time in the day, grabbed a bike, and took a spin. It was so fun, and riding a bike is like riding a bike! You never forget!

It was a beautiful day, and a wonderful way to decompress after filming a show. I will have to do this more often!

*Editor's Note: This post was written 4/7/12 and dated 4/2/2012 because she can't blog and ride a bike at the same time. 

Day Nine of Three Hundred and Sixty Five

April 1, 2012

Yesterday was my last day in Boston. I left BOS>LAX in the wee hours of the morning. Flying Virgin America has been hassle for me lately, but they tried to make it better by giving me a free seat upgrade to Premium Economy which means all the free food I can eat and all the free movies I could watch for six hours. Challenge accepted!

Since I was on this roll of doing new things, I kept that in mind when choosing which films to watch. 

Here's what I did today that I've never done before:


I''ve seen A Muppet Christmas Carol and that abhorrent one called Muppet's Treasure Island or something like that. Both times I was forced. It'll be no surprise to those of you who know me that I. Can. Not. Stand. The Muppets. No Muppet Show. Definitely no Fraggle Rock. GROSS! The TV show Muppet Babies is the only exception--it's animated, and they're babies! 

Since I'm trying to break out of my old stodgy ways, I decided to watch The Muppets. I cringed as I hit play, preparing myself to be super bored, annoyed, and freaked out by the movements of the muppets themselves. But here's what happened: 


I was so so so surprised! I laughed and laughed and squealed with delight at the cuteness of the muppets. Maybe it was the high altitude or the 7AM in the morning, but I thought the movie was brilliant. More than likely it was because of the writing by two writers whose sense of comedy I've enjoyed in the past. The Academy Award winning Man or Muppet song has me all teary-eyed. The jokes were fresh and clever. And I identified with Walter, the manly muppet, more than I could've ever expected. Only once was I hecked out by the muppets. A shiver went up my spine as one of them, I can't remember which, bopped across the screen, but I powered through. So worth it. 

This little experiment is paying off, guys. Prejudices are dropping left and right. I tried something really new and I liked it. Will I watch another Muppet's program of my own volition again? It's not likely...I'm not that easily converted, but maybe the simple idea of it won't make me want to puke in my mouth. 

And that's a start. 

Editor's Note: This post was written 4/7/12 and dated 4/1/2012 because she's a (wo)man, not a muppet.

Day Eight of Three Hundred and Seventy Five

March 31, 2012

Wow! It's already been one week of doing something new!*

Here's what I did today that I've never done before:


I wrestled with this one because for the past week I've been under the assumption that this challenge is about doing what I've *always* wanted to do. I haven't always wanted to go to the Museum of Science, Boston. I've never heard of it until I saw it from the Red Line to Cambridge the previous day, but it's new to me, so it still counts!

Here I am. You've seen one science museum, you've seen 'em all. I did learn something new though. I learned through a demonstration with real bolts of lightning the real reason lightning doesn't electrocute you if you're in a car. It's not because of the tires, rather it's because of the scatter pattern of the concentrated energy from the lightning bolt. If you're in the car, touching the same metal that's being struck on the outside, you won't be electrocuted because the energy stays on very surface of the the metal and works it's way down instead of permeating the whole piece of metal like a current from the wall would. I'm not 100% on my science here, but I think that's the gist of it.

Lightning bolts are cool. And look at that view behind that Rube Goldberg machine. The museum sits right on the Charles River just down the road from MIT. That view was probably my favorite part of the museum. Definitely not the super-germy little kids. Though I did have fun playing with all the contraptions in the hands-on kiddy portion of the museum, and schooling all the children with my super-awesome understanding of scientific principles.

Compared to most 5-year-olds, I'm a genius!

*Editor's Note: This post was written 4/7/12 and dated 3/31/2012 because the author is a science wizard and has figured out how to change the date of her posts.

Day Seven of Three Hundred Sixty Five

March 30, 2012

It's March 30th 2012!*

Being in Boston makes doing something new a simple task. Most of what I did was new, but here are the two most significant:

I seriously did not know the Boston Common was a thing until my friend Stephanie walked me through it. I'd heard the phrase before, but I thought it was referring that delightful 1990s TV show Boston Common. You know what I'm talking about, right? The short lived sitcom starring Anthony Clark?

I wish I were joking.

Here's the next thing I did:


I had a Harvard sweatshirt as a kid. It was one of my favorites, and one day someone pointed out that the sweatshirt was from a school and one of the very best schools in the world. I decided then and there that I was going to go to Harvard. I told everyone I saw that I was going to go to Harvard.

Spoiler Alert: I didn't matriculate to Harvard. That dream faded once I realized it'd cost me $100K and I'd actually have to WORK at school. Here's some good news for 7-year-old Safia: You did eventually go to Harvard, girl. And by "go" I mean to the bathroom.

Right there in Canaday Hall. Thanks for the toilet, Harvard!

Editor's Note: This post was written 4/7/12 and dated 3/30/2012, and that's why the author didn't go to Harvard!